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Caves and chasms

The Dordogne is full of tourist sites, each with an important history.

We know the importance and the large number of famous castles, but this hilly territory has many secret, remote places, such as caves or chasms. These originally natural elements have been arranged so that you can visit them. Far from drastic visits, these little jewels are often discovered in an original way and with very little effort!

So if the weather is rainy or if it’s too hot to discover the other incredible sites in our region, we suggest a few caves and chasms, which hold wonders and which can be visited by small train, by boat, or on foot, but which are easy to access, so that you can spend a pleasant and relaxing time at the same time, an ideal place for the family, between friends or even alone.

World famous, it is THE tourist site not to be missed

10 km of the camping

Unique cavity in the Périgord

31 km of the camping

Incredible troglodyte site

11 km of the camping

Visit by electric train

19 km of the camping