A technological prowess is born in Montignac, a little city in the Dordogne, in the so-called « Black Périgord », located only 20km away from Sarlat la Canéda.

The Lascaux 4 Caves, or International Centre for Cave Art, is a splendid complex hosting a complete replica of the prehistoric paintings (The original caves were closed in order to ensure the preservation of their 19000 year-old frescoes). 

Visiting Lascaux 4 is also diving into the aera of new technologies (3D cinema, virtual reality headsets…)

A tablet computer (visit companion) will be lend to you in order to guide you and immortalize your trip (via email).

The Park of Thot

Lascaux offers a combined ticket to also go and visit the Thot, an animal park starring bisons, wolves, goats… You can also participate in one of the prehistoric workshops which include cave art, excavation, lance-throwing, oil-lamps… All this in Thonac, at 800m from the campsite. You can go on foot or by car. Don’t forget to book the workshops which are particularly popular with children.

Les Eyzies, city of prehistory.

Prehistory-lovers, continue your journey in Les Eyzies de Tayac to boost your knowledge at the Pôle International de la Préhistoire (International Centre for Prehistory). More caves are located in Les Eyzies like the Font de Gaume Cave which is an original ornamented cave similar to Lascaux, the Cro Magnon Shelter where the remains of the Cro Magnon man were discovered. Outside the village, in the direction of Périgueux, you will discover the cave of the Grand Roc which entrance is located several meters above the water of the Vézère (river). You will be contemplating limestone concretions, stalagmites joining stalactites and forming pillars embellished by lighting effects. End your visit at the Abri of Laugerie Basse.


The Lascaux cave is situated at less than 10 km from campsite La Castillonderie.

Take 5 minutes to visit the Lascaux cave  for a preview . The campsite has different types of accommodations: economical, nature or luxury, in order to welcome you in a green and friendly setting.

In July and August, it is very busy so we advise you to order your entrance tickets straight away.

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